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Fabric and/or Face Mask Donations Needed

Stone Rehabilitation & Senior Living, a not for profit community, is asking for donations of fabric masks and supplies for making fabric masks, gowns and faceshields from members of area communities, as we continue to address COVID-19.

Orders for these supplies are on long backorders, due to both demand and supply chain issues.

Fabric masks provide a level of comfort and stress relief for our staff in their tireless efforts of caring for our residents. According to the CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response option when other supplies have been exhausted. Fabric masks can also be helpful in areas of patient care as supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are depleted.

Despite having an adequate supply at this time, Stone Rehabilitation & Senior Living needs to prepare for the anticipated increased demand in order to protect our staff members, which in turn protects the people we serve.

We will share any of these donations with hospitals or other senior living communities if we are fortunate enough to receive an over-abundance of them.

Please see instructions below for making these masks.

Details about delivering fabric/face masks for our staff:

  • For face masks: tightly woven cotton fabric, whether you provide it or make masks, is needed on both sides.
  • Whether you are ready to donate fabric, completed masks, gowns and/or face shields, fill out the form to the right or email us at to arrange for delivery. (You will be met in our parking lots at a pre-arranged time.)
  • Collected fabric and masks will be immediately sent to laundry/processing to be prepared for use.
  • Please share this information through your social media to help reach others who may want to contribute. Stone Rehabilitation & Senior Living appreciates assistance from any and all living near our location.

Thank you for your interest and care; together, let’s make a difference.


How to Make a Face Mask (PDF)

How to Make a Face Mask (Video)

For Stone Rehabilitation & Senior Living’s Coronavirus precautions and safety measures visit this page.